Cheap Articulating Borescope

Dec 15, 2022

The USAVS 2-4-1500 is offering a NEW lower price! This portable videoscope offers a slim 3.9mm diameter probe with 1.5 meters of working length. The responsive 2-way articulation makes this idea for many aviation and aerospace borescope inspections. This low cost 4mm borescope is ideal for first time aviation maintenance mechanics as the initial cost of ownership is considerably lower than many other offerings.

The new price for this articulating industrial borescope is only $2,495. Customers in the US, can mention this borescope blog and receive free shipping!

A portable and handheld borescope inspection camera with its articulating probe tip the probe allows for easy scanning inside your inspection area. This is perfect for many applications, such as inspecting gas engine cylinders, behind instrument panels, aviation body cavities and inside gear systems.

This low-cost borescope with articulation offers a large 5 inch color screen with the push of a button captures videos and pictures. The images are stored on a removable SD card. Adjustable LED lighting and image zoom are also readily available with the push of a button. Although you may locate this system on Google by searching for a Cheap Articulating Borescope we think you will agree that this borescope camera offers features and functions of similar borescopes with a much higher price tag.

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