Benefits of Using a Pipe Camera for Sewer Line Inspection

by | Jul 16, 2020 | News

A pipe inspection camera allows trenchless sewer repair. Your maintenance crew can use the camera to detect blockages without digging, which saves time on repairs. They can pinpoint the exact location and condition of the blockage and come up with repair solution.

Here is everything you need to know about pipe cameras:

How Does a Pipe Camera Operate?

A pipe camera is equipped with a high-quality, high-resolution camera that can help you capture an accurate picture of the sewer line. The camera is fixed to a snake-line cable, which is fed through the pipe until it reaches the clog location.

A radio transmitter that is typically attached at the back of the camera records the location of the line and its depth from the surface. This tells the crew the exact location of the blockage. They can determine the correct procedure to use for repairing the sewer line issue. 

You can think of the camera as having a remote control snake with LED lights and a camera on the head. The skilled technicians can control the camera to inspect pipes that range from 2 to 36 inches in diameter easily.

Why Use Pipe Cameras for Sewer Inspection

Bend around Sharp Corners

The camera is attached to a flexible snake-like cord so bending around sharp, tricky corners becomes easy. Using the camera, technicians can detect the exact source of a blockage and carry on the required repairs.

No Mess

Unlike the traditional method, using a pipe camera for sewer line inspection involves no digging. The camera can be inserted directly into the sewer line through a small entry. This saves a lot of time and effort involved in detecting sewer line blockage.

Accurate Diagnosis

Pipe cameras for sewer inspection also result in precise diagnosis of the problem. The cameras allow sewer technicians to identify the exact cause of the sewer line blockage. Therefore, they don’t have to make any guesses to fix the problem or dig up your yard.

Diagnose Complex Issues

Using a high-definition pipe camera also allows the maintenance crew to detect sagging sewer lines. When water enters the bellied section, it can create repeat blockages. Since the camera is fed along the pipe, it can help in locating the bellied section of the pipe.

Additionally, a sewer camera can help your team locate malfunctioning and broken pipes. It can let them know about the cause of the blockage, such as jewelry items, paper, grease, or other gunk.

Always buy the best quality pipe camera for sewer inspection. The camera should have features that can simplify detecting sewer line issues in public and private places. For premium quality pipe cameras, you can contact USA Borescopes. We specialize in quality sewer cameras with the latest features that can be used for both residential and commercial sewer line inspection.

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