All That You Need to Know About CCTV Pipe Inspection

by | Mar 29, 2022 | Blog

Often there is a serious problem of pipe blockage, which is the worst fear among every homeowner. Your pipes work for many years tirelessly for removing water and other wastes from the buildings. However, when any blockage happens then it can be quite worrying, disruptive, and also potentially a costly problem to face.

Often the pipes buried under the ground are to be dug out to find the real cause of such blockage and that can often be quite tricky.

CCTV pipe inspection camera by using a sewer camera can take away all your worry and can offer you so many benefits that we would like to share them in this writeup.

CCTV pipe camera is a very well-established technology that is often used for inspections of underground pipes and it offers many benefits. In case there is any crack or damage to the pipes, tree roots may be growing through it, or residual fat developing within pipes that will block your pipes and the camera can show all those quickly.

This will enable the homeowner to arrange to call the right repair professional to carry out the repair activities in the exactly right place.

Following are a few benefits about such type of CCTV pipe inspection:

1. Precise and accurate

No more guesswork is needed and you can obtain accurate data for taking decisions. You can

  • Save your time and money
  • Know the accurate problem location including the depth
  • Data is recorded and shared with contractors and or homeowners.

2. Prevention will be better than cure

You can know about the problem within your pipes well in advance. Your pipes can have dangers like:

  • Hair
  • Foreign objects
  • Grease and fat
  • Tree leaves/roots
  • Toiletries and wipes

If these are left untreated then can lead to bigger problems.

3. You need not go for costly excavation

You can always save the cost of an unnecessary excavation to identify the exact location and the nature of the problem. You will always know the problem and make your action plan.

4. Helps to identify the problem quickly

With CCTV inspection, also known as a sewer camera, you will know about the entire pipe, hence there is no need for any speculation or guesswork about the location of the exact problem. A push camera can help you save your time by not getting involved in unnecessary research.

5. Cost-effective

As there will be no need for excavation, reconstruction and demolition work while investigating the actual problem. So in a very cost-effective method, you can know the actual problem of your underground pipelines.

6. Much safer and clean

Since there will be no mess developed during the process of doing CCTV inspection, and in case any drain cleaning or clearing is needed any competent professional can easily remove any debris in a very safe way.

7. CCTV pipe inspection will be non-destructive

As CCTV pipe camera inspection system is much gentler and non-invasive, it can save causing any harm while fixing your problem. Any other alternatives can create more problems if your pipe is under more stress. CCTV pipe inspection camera must be done by a knowledgeable professional without disrupting the pipe in question.

8. Environmentally friendly

CCTV inspections will limit the excavation work and sometimes totally save it and as a result, your environment will be saved from getting disturbed unnecessarily.


However, there are few more things to consider while installing such a CCTV camera system:

1. Regular maintenance

Although they are quite rugged and tough and can work under extreme conditions, however, often they too need maintenance and also an investment for suitable equipment.

2. Operator training

Also, you need to get trained for handling them for their proper use. Also, permits, insurance, licenses, and other certifications will be needed that could incur additional expenses.

3. Explosive Environments Camera

If your inspection area offers an explosive or hazardous environment you should consider an approved explosive inspection camera.  There are several options to consider with hazardous inspection cameras and they vary by length and diameter.   Please contact any of our borescope professionals for more information.