Advantages of Self Leveling Pipe Snake Cameras

by | Jul 22, 2020 | News

Pipe inspection cameras come in all different push rod lengths and camera head diameters.  Most of these snake cameras offer similar features with color video screen, picture taking, adjustable lighting and rechargeable battery pack. However, there is a feature that man systems do not offer: Self Leveling camera head.

What is ‘Self-Leveling’ Inspection Camera head?

What is ‘Self-Leveling’ camera head anyway?  Well, most pipe inspection cameras offer a fixed so if you rotate the probe while pushing it into the inspection area the image on the screen will rotate with the direction of your rotation. The self-leveling camera head offers a liquid filled ‘floating’ camera sensor inside the housing that will always stay at the same plane during your horizontal pipe inspection. It doesn’t matter how you twist or rotate the probe during your inspection the inspection camera will always remain at the bottom or 6 o’clock position.

Many pipe inspectors feel that this is not an issue since they can determine what the bottom of the pipe is by the water level or debris at the bottom of the pipe. While that may true, there are times when there isn’t any visible liquid or debris at the bottom of a pipe. However, there are many tubular inspections that are performed that do not have any liquid or debris at the bottom of the pipe to use as a reference point. The self-leveling sewer camera also makes it easier to explain to your customer or those with little experience the findings of the inspection.

Some self-leveling pipe cameras also offer a transmitting sonde built into the inspection camera head. This signal is transmitted from the sewer camera head so that you can locate the camera head above ground. The pipe inspection locator works similar as a metal detector. You’ll maneuver the camera locator above ground as it transmits an audible signal to notify you when you get closer to the underground camera. Most pipe locators operate with either 512Hz & 33kHz or 512Hz & 82kHz ensures tracking of any manufacturer’s camera or sonde system operating on these common frequencies. These are a simple to operate system with proven technology.

Want To Know More About Self-Leveling Camera Heads?

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