Advanced 4mm Videoscopes For Instant Visual Inspection Of Equipment

by | Nov 2, 2020 | News

Videoscopes have been used for accurate examination or inspection of hard to reach locations. These videoscopes cameras are embedded with small image sensor at tip of its scope. These are considered as the perfect option for easily providing complete viewing options. The videoscopes extensively helps direct as well as side-viewing options that include 0° DOV (Direction of View) as well as 90° DOV side viewing. These are also varied with the 90° FOV (Field of View). The 4mm Videoscopes will be equipped with the most amazing video probe for providing accurate information. Probe lengths vary from 1 m to 3.0m so that it gives you the most desired results in an extensive manner.

High Powered Inspection System:

Advanced Videoscopes uses the high-powered FOLED also called the Fiberoptic-LED. 4mm Videoscopes would definitely give you accurate and faster inspections without any hassle. The device is mainly equipped with the Touchscreen display and has the complete Menu driven for easily accessing the complete system function. Normally, it also has complete inspection features such as USB data exchange and Wi-Fi. These would automatically helpful for handling the Videoscope Inspection System with the use of FOLED Hybrid-illuminations. This would automatically include the Touchscreen display, and it is also connected with the HDMI display for gaining the extra HDMI ZOOM as well as HDMI PRO devices.

  • High resolution
  • LCD screen to view accurately
  • High definition probe having camera
  • Easier to view hard to reach locations (forward and side)
  • Added adjustable lighting
  • Enabled with macro and micro zoom function

Unique Capabilities:

In most of the foundry castings, it would be quite an efficient option for extensively identifying the blockages, sand, inclusions, scarring, burns, material, and many more. A light-weight portable case is included for easily providing the better option on viewing perfectly. 4mm Videoscopes helps with the accurate non-destructive inspection with providing the inside view of location that are hard to reach. Users can also select the configuration based on the tabletop operations that include the AC power, and it is also quite a convenient option for choosing an optional battery along with a charger for remotely operating it. The 4mm Videoscopes are also quite helpful for checking machine finishes, which would mainly save more time during the inspection. This device is quite an efficient option for videoing the cross-over holes, spark plug holes, injector ports, air passages, and many others. It is also coupled with the high-resolution optics for

  • Data management
  • Image enhancement capability
  • Documentation

Videoscopes is also combined with high-quality images along with better inspection across all the environment. This would definitely give a clear view along with the built-in features that exceed the expectations.

  • User interface
  • Ergonomic design
  • Durability

4mm Videoscopes are helpful to identify the issues even before time consuming or costly tear-down of your equipment. Sharing the data from the device through the use of live image streaming becomes much easier, and it is highly preferred. It is also a quite easier option for adjusting optimal probe diameters suitable for the varied applications.

The pricing for the 4mm diameter videoscopes is usually higher than the 6mm diameters videoscopes as the camera head is more costly and the production demands are higher.   With that in mind many customers are searching for a cheap 4mm borescope as they associate this with the cost.  There are however some low cost 4mm borescopes that surprisingly offer decent image quality like the MCVS 2-405-1500.