A Comprehensive Guide to Different Types of Borescopes

by | Jan 27, 2021 | Blog, Knowledge Center, News

Renewable energy has become more than just a buzz word in the modern world. As businesses are realizing the impact of their carbon footprint on the global environment, they are looking for ways to switch to clean and renewable energy sources for their manufacturing, production, and other business processes.

Some of the largest oil companies in the world have started investing in renewable energy projects such as wind turbines and solar panels. Even tech companies such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google are also looking for ways to embrace the renewable energy trend.

The global market for wind and steam turbines is growing at an exponential rate to keep up with the demand for renewable energy. Companies are also looking for ways to ensure quick and easy maintenance of turbines without having to spend thousands of dollars or hundreds of hours in downtime during the inspection and maintenance process.

Visual inspection equipment such as borescopes and videoscopes are becoming an indispensable part of the industry as they allow maintenance of heavy machinery and equipment without having to disassemble every component.

Here are some of the common types of borescopes and their uses for inspection and maintenance in the energy production and manufacturing industry:

Rigid Borescopes

Rigid borescopes are non-flexible as the name suggest and idea for gas turbine inspections. It is an optical device that has a hollow tube and an eye piece, along with relay lenses and a light source to illuminate darker areas. The depiction of the interior of any machinery can be viewed through the eye piece or through a connected adapter. It is quite easy to use and does not require any configuration and is usually used by manufacturers.

Flexible Borescopes

Flexible borescopes are more versatile and can be used to examine difficult to access areas such as vents, ducts, or curvy pipes. The tube is flexible and uses an optic fiber rather than relay lenses that transmits the image to the eyepiece. Flexible borescopes can cover a great distance and offer clearer images with detail and accuracy even from greater depths. They also offer greater flexibility and can be maneuvered easily when inspecting complex machinery.


The fiberscope is a more technologically advanced category of visual inspection equipment and uses fiber optic technology to facilitate inspection of turbines, engines, and other complex machinery. Fiberscope is made up of a flexible tube containing optical fiber, a control section that has a light source attached to it to guide the fiberscope, and an eyepiece that transmits images that are similar to the ones obtained through night vision cameras.

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