Focused on the Future

Sep 6, 2021

USA Borescopes: Focused on the Future

USA Borescopes might be a small company in a niche sector, but with smart adjustments to its sales and marketing tactics it has weathered the past year’s COVID-induced storm.

Established in 2009, the Clarksville, Tennessee company banked on its reputation for on-time delivery and solid after-sales support for its product line of borescopes and fiberscopes.

“We maintained what we had, and we did grow. That’s not to say there weren’t challenges, but we did it,” said Bill French, sales manager, in an interview with Insight.

Like many technical product suppliers, attendance at trade shows was critical for USA Borescopes to connect with current and potential customers in aviation, and in its other target sectors. But that all changed with pandemic restrictions.

“If we go to a trade show, we get to demonstrate our product to 25 different prospects at one location at our booth. Now, we have to go to 25 different customers, or ship product for onsite demos,” said French.

In the absence of trade shows, French and his team reallocated the budget for travel, sponsorships and show costs to other forms of marketing, along with an increased inventory of demo units.

“If people aren’t going to the trade shows, we’ve had to figure out where they’re looking for these products and services and try and get in front of them.”

In addition to a “very aggressive hard mail campaign,” French explained that USA Borescope increased its digital footprint with online ads and YouTube videos.

This pivot in marketing tactics was essential to the March 2020 launch of its latest product, the 2000 HD Borescope series videoscope.

With a 7” touchscreen, wi-fi capabilities and 360-degree joystick control of the articulated camera head, the new videoscope features an integrated temperature sensor.

“One of the biggest mistakes a technician can make is to stick the camera into a hot engine. The 2000 High Definition Borescope series will flash a warning on the screen before there’s damage to the camera,” said French.

And while managing a product launch during a pandemic was challenging, French is very optimistic about USA Borescopes’ future, as he contemplates the events of the past year.

“When it comes to change in business, it’s either evolutionary or revolutionary, and COVID brought about revolutionary change. On the other hand, I think the recovery is going to be evolutionary, and we’re going to slowly get back to what the customer demands.

Regardless of how things change with marketing and trade shows for the aviation industry, some things will stay the same. Planning, effort, and execution will not change.”