4 Reasons Why You Need a Pipe Inspection Camera

by | Aug 7, 2020 | News

why you need a sewer inspection camera

It’s a fact of life: We all deal with plumbing issues at one point or another. Sometimes, those problems are easy to sort out. A clogged toilet, for instance, is quickly handled if you have a plunger on hand. For more serious issues, though, a sewer inspection camera may be necessary. Also known as a pipe inspection camera, this technology allows viewers to take a peek at the condition of sewer and drain lines normally outside their range of sight.

Curious about how to use a sewer inspection camera? It’s easier than you might expect. A high-resolution camera is attached to a flexible rod, which is inserted into pipes and sewer lines. This flexibility allows users to gauge the health of their pipes while looking out for potential problems. Broken-off tree roots, corrosion, blockages, and leaking joints are all easily spotted with a sewer inspection camera.

Sewer pipe crawler camera inspection systems are used in a number of industries. From aerospace to manufacturing to aviation and beyond, the benefits of using a sewer inspection camera are endless. Here are just a few benefits of using this handy tool:

1. Sewer Inspection Cameras Help Spot Problems Before They Arise

Whether you’ve noticed an uptick in your water bill, hear a weird hiss every time you turn on your faucet, or smell something musty around your home, a push camera can help you diagnose the issue. Hidden leaks or clogs can cause minor plumbing problems that grow into major issues over time. With a sewer inspection camera at your disposal, you’ll spot these small problems in their infancy. From there, technicians can get to the heart of the issue and fix plumbing problems before they get worse.

Durable sewer inspector cameras are incredibly useful in the professional sphere. In the aerospace industry, for example, a videoscope inspection camera allows for rapid surveys and inspections of pipes that may be clogged or malfunctioning. Regular use of general pipe inspection cameras can speed up maintenance projects while ensuring employee safety.

2. Pipe Inspection Cameras Help Drive Your Property Value Up

If you’ve been thinking of putting your property up on the market, you know how competitive the real estate industry can be. Any edge over other sellers can net you greater interest in the home and higher profits when it comes time to negotiate. With a sewer inspection camera on hand, you’ll be able to show off your clean, problem-free pipes to prospective buyers.
This technology can provide incredible peace of mind for a buyer who wants to be sure they’re purchasing a property with reliable plumbing. With this load off their minds, they’ll be more inclined to make a competitive offer. Evidence of clean, functional sewer lines is a fabulous selling point that shouldn’t be overlooked by sellers.

3. Pipe Cameras Are Less Disruptive Than Alternative Methods

When you’ve got a blockage in your sewage line, you might resign yourself to digging up your entire property. A pipe inspection camera rental lets you perform sewer inspections without destroying your property. Sewer inspection cameras save you serious time, money, and mess by identifying issues without disrupting property.

Pipe inspection cameras are also safer than other methods. As you dig, dismantle, and cut into your property, the odds of something going awry increase tremendously. Sewer inspection cameras such as a 6mm videoscope, allows you to avoid these headaches altogether.

4. Visual Inspections Provide Fast, Easy Evidence of Your Sewer Line Conditions

Traditional forms of sewer inspections can be messy, complicated, and labor-intensive. Portable sewer inspection cameras, on the other hand, can be set up quickly. Within a few minutes, you’ll be able to identify issues and begin working to solve problems immediately.

When your sewer line isn’t working properly, the city can levy expensive fines against you. Even when a disruption isn’t your fault, the risk of fines is unfortunately all too real. Just getting a camera for sewer pipe inspection can help you ward off potential penalties. Footage from your inspection can also be used as evidence to fight any fines you’re facing.

5. Buy and Rent Sewer Inspection Cameras Now

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