4 Essential Technologies for Sewer Pipe Inspection

by | Jul 21, 2020 | News

Sewer pipe inspection should only be carried out by certified technicians. The technicians must use correct procedures when inspecting sewer lines. Additionally, they should use the right tools for inspecting pipes.

Advancement of technologies has made sewer pipe inspection less costly, more convenient, and safer. Various pipe inspection technologies are available that can be used for inspecting pipelines. Here, we  discuss some of the advanced technologies that are used in modern pipe inspection in the US.

1. Gas Monitor Device

Gas monitor devices have become a must-have equipment for pipe maintenance crew. The gas monitor can be used to ensure that there is no toxic gas when the sewer lid is removed. While using the tool is not a requirement when carrying out sewer inspection in most areas, the tool can protect the life of a technician.

Pressurized gases like hydrogen sulfide and methane can accumulate beneath the lid that can be deadly when ingested. An explosion can also occur due to a spark when lighting a cigarette. So, you should ensure that every repair crew has a gas monitor for detecting harmful gases.

2. Pipe Inspection Cameras

Pipe inspection cameras are also an effective piece of equipment that can help in pipe inspection. The tool can help technicians diagnose issues with sewer pipes and drains. They can use the pipe inspection cameras to find out the reasons for blocked and clogged drains.

The maintenance crew also uses pipe inspection cameras to find out about tree infiltrations that have damaged the pipes. With the use of pipe inspection cameras, the maintenance crew doesn’t have to dig the lawn or concrete floor to identify issues within the sewer pipes.

Sewer pipe inspection cameras allow trenchless repair of sewer lines. It saves a lot of time and cost in repairing the sewer line pipes. The maintenance can use the tool to locate and determine the cause of the blockage. They can get a crystal clear, the live image inside the pipe that will help them in finding out the source of the issue.

Pipe inspection cameras with advanced features, such as pan and tilt and self-leveling, allow the maintenance crew to get a clear picture of the pipeline. They can identify the exact cause of the problem with the pipe, resulting in an accurate diagnosis of the issue.

3. Magnetic Locating Device

A magnetic locating device also helps make the process of pipe inspection more convenient. The device is mainly used to detect metal objects using a magnetic field. It measures the difference in the magnetic field between two sensors that are located about 8 feet apart. The steel pipes locator detects the magnetic field to know the location of the pipes.

4. Locator Device

A locator device connects with the pipe inspection cameras. The receiver allows the maintenance crew to know the exact location of the pipe camera inside the pipe. This will help the repair crew to know where to dig to repair the pipes.    The above ground locator will work in connection with the transmitting head in the pipe inspection device.    Most of the sewer snake cameras work on a 512 hz signal however, there are some push camera manufacturers that produce their systems to communicate with a custom signal.  Confirm the hZ signal on your pipe snake camera before you purchase a sewer camera locator.

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