4 Different Types of Pipe Inspection Video Devices

by | Jul 21, 2020 | News

Pipe inspection cameras are used for the purpose of detecting blocked sewer lines. These cameras allow maintenance personnel to carry on trenchless pipe repair. No costly digging is required to detect the source of the pipe leak or clogs. The device allows the maintenance crew to ensure that the pipes are free of problems that could lead to expensive repairs.

Pipe inspection cameras are recommended for use in identifying issues with sewer line clogs or slow drainage. If you are thinking about buying a sewer line inspection camera, you should know about the different types to ensure that you buy the right camera.

1. Hand-Held Portable Cameras

Portable or hand-held pipe inspection cameras are one of the most common types for inspecting sewer lines. The cameras are designed to be used while the user holds the display unit. The camera cable is generally inserted in the area that needs to be inspected.

The portable camera is often cordless that allows greater flexibility in inspecting the drain pipes. The portable handheld device can easily be moved from one sewer line to another. It is lightweight due to which the maintenance crew won’t have much difficulty.

2. Pushcam Pipe Inspection

A pushcam pipe inspection device is another pipe inspection video device. It consists of a camera that is pushed through the opening of the pipe. The device sends back a live video to the inspection crew. Using the pushcam device is a great way to identify and diagnose pipeline issues.

A limitation with pushcam camera devices is that the device is difficult to maneuver in the pipe.  The pipe camera is best for drain pipes with a straight design.

3. Lateral Launch Cameras

Lateral launch cameras are used when there is an issue in the branch line. The cameras are best when the system needs to be viewed thoroughly. The camera is pushed through the mainline to locate issues within the pipe.

A secondary camera is launched when the devices reach the area that needs inspection. The quality of the secondary camera is much better that allowed detailed inspection of the sewer line. It provides a clearer picture, allowing maintenance personnel to know the status of the pipe.

4. Reel Inspection Cameras

Reel inspection cameras have a long cable at the head in the end. This cable is connected to the display device that allows the crew to view the real-time image of the pipe. The advantage of this model as compared to other models is the long cable that can help diagnose problems with long sewer lines.

Final Thoughts

Each of the pipe inspection cameras that we have mentioned above is useful in different circumstances. You should know a bit about each of the products to ensure that you buy the right equipment for sewer line inspection.

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