3 Tips for Choosing the Right Sewer Inspection Camera

by | Feb 10, 2021 | Blog, News

A borescope or a videoscope can enhance the inspection process for sewers. Check out our expert tips for selecting the right video inspection equipment for sewer inspections.

Drain and sewer cleaning is a $3.6 billion industry in the United States. Sewer inspections, cleaning, and maintenance is an essential service for both homes and cities to ensure effective disposal of polluted water and waste.

There are many areas inside the sewer pipes that are not only hard to reach, but it is also difficult to identify any damaged or defective areas manually. While some plumbers or contractors prefer inspecting the sewage pipes manually, using sewer inspection cameras makes the process easier and more efficient.

However, there are many options for push inspection camera or sewer inspection cameras available in the market, and it is important to choose the right one for successful inspection and proper maintenance.

Here are some tips to help you choose the right camera for sewer inspection according to the project needs:

Select the Essential Characteristic

One of the key characteristics or features you need to look for when choosing an inspection camera for sewer pipes is a waterproof material. It should also have an illumination option to light up the darker areas of the pipe. Just make sure the light is bright enough and is also waterproof. You should also make sure the camera and light are chemical proof to prevent any degradation after being exposed to the sewage chemicals.  Budget is always of concern and it very well be that you don’t require a sewer camera with all the ‘bells and whistles’.   Many small business operators and homeowners are looking for a cheap sewer camera that can perform the job without breaking the budget.

Choose the Right Length and Diameter

The length of the pipe inspection camera should be long enough to go from one end of the pipe to the next to find possible blockage and damage in the entire section. Getting an extendable probe camera is a good idea as you can reel it in and roll it out as needed. The diameter of the inspection camera does not matter too much as the sewer pipes are usually quite wide to ensure the smooth flow of the water and waste.   The other option to consider are systems that can provide pan and tilt features at the camera head.   These systems are typically covered with a replaceable poly carbonate dome that allows the camera head to move 360 degrees inside the dome to provide a complete view of the inspection area.   The Wohler 7082, Wohler 7354 and the USA Borescopes USA-PTC3688B provide these features.

Select Quality Image Capturing and Saving Monitor Hub

The purpose of sewage inspections is to find possible areas that have been damaged or have rusted due to age. The inspection also helps identify areas that are blocked and need to be cleared out. This is why you need a quality monitor hub that shows high-resolution images that clearly show the inside of the sewer pipe. It is also helpful to get a mentoring hub that allows you to save the pictures and location of the damage or blockage for effective maintenance and repairs.

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