3 Strategies for Effective Borescope Inspections for Your Piston Engine

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Blog, News

Are you planning to inspect your piston engine using a borescope? Find out how to get the most out of a borescope inspection of piston engines here!

Borescopes have become an effective tool for nondestructive inspection of various machinery and engines. The small size and the different features such as portable light and a waterproof camera make it easier to insert borescopes in the hard-to-reach areas and inspect machinery without having to dismantle the entire thing.

Borescopes are also handy tools for inspecting piston engines used by the aviation industry for many different types of aircraft. Being able to look inside the engine, the maintenance team can get valuable information regarding the state of the engine and whether any repairs or replacements are required. Aviation experts recommend using a borescope to inspect the piston engine at least once a year or after 100 hours of usage.

Here are some tips on effective borescope inspection for piston engines:

Understand the Power of The Borescope

A piston engine borescope is usually attached to a camera that magnifies the small components extensively to get a better idea of what a person is looking at. However, if a person does not know how to handle the borescope or the extent of the magnification, they might make a critical error of assuming that there is a defect or overlooking a defect because it looks different under a 15X borescope!

Experience Is Essential When Using A Borescope

If you are using a piston borescope for the first time, it would be better to try it out on some external components of the engine first before going in deeper. This will give you an idea of how different things look through a borescope and will also enable you to handle it efficiently, preventing any damage to the engine components. If you are still apprehensive about using a borescope for engine inspection, you can always call for professional inspection services and rely on the expertise of people who have worked with borescopes before.

Look for Specific Defects

One of the key aspects of effective borescope inspections is to be familiar with the machinery or engine you are checking. Doing a random overview might result in you missing out on important parts of the engine that require maintenance. We would recommend checking the cylinder walls, head, and piston crown for possible cracks, corrosion, and scoring. You should also look for evidence of excessive blow-by and ring damage and inspect the intake and exhaust valves for damage from debris or other external factors.

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