3 Reasons You Should Perform Routine Turbine Inspections

by | Feb 1, 2021 | Blog, News

Countries all over the world use different energy sources to generate electricity. Natural gas is one of the largest sources of fuel used to generate electricity and accounts for 38% of the electricity generated in the country. Thanks to gas turbines, power plants all over the world are able to better handle this vital energy source and generate sufficient electricity.

Gas turbines are made out of many essential components and require regular maintenance and inspection. However, it is not feasible to tear apart the entire unit for each inspection, which is why plant managers use borescopes to inspect the entire machinery easily and efficiently.

Here are some of the top reasons for routine turbine inspections using borescopes:

Identify Any Underlying Issues with The Machinery

Every machinery is prone to issues that can compromise the entire process and lead to bigger problems if not identified in time. Using a borescope to routinely inspect the machinery allows plant owners to detect any issues before they turn into complex problems and damage the entire turbine.  Most turbine borescope inspections are performed and a scheduled preventative maintenance cycle.

View Impossible to Reach Areas

Gas turbines are huge and made out of many smaller pieces of machinery and various parts. Inspecting every part by opening them up is not advisable as it can damage the structure. Not to mention, it can cost the plant thousands of dollars every time they need to conduct a routine inspection. By using a borescope, the inspection team can view the hard-to-reach areas easily and perform safe and non-destructive testing in no time!

Ensure the Plant Running Efficiently

Routine turbine inspections don’t take a lot of time is they are done using proper equipment such as borescopes and are conducted by experienced professionals. They also prevent the plant from facing any downtime by turning off the turbines for long periods for thorough inspections. This not only allows the plant to keep operating efficiently but also ensures the safety of all the employees.

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