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We offer a full line of Aviation Borescopes.   A number of our aviation borescopes are in stock and ready for overnight delivery.   We also offer aviation borescope rentals if you have a short term requirement.  Regrettably, there is not a ‘one size fits all’ Aviation Borescope and depending on the aviation engine or engine series the diameter and length could vary greatly.   The most common diameter for the popular Pratt & Whitney engines is a 4mm diameter whereas some of the larger CFM engines require a 6mm diameter probe.

We do however offer some Aviation Borescopes that offer a single control station and monitor that can support various probe lengths and probe diameters.   For many of our customer this is a preferred option for their aviation borescope tooling inventory.    We offer a wide range of aviation borescopes from simple system that offer a fixed view of the inspection area to more advanced borescope systems that offer interchangeable viewing tips.  Of course we also offer aviation borescopes that provide the advanced features such as measuring.  These aviation borescopes certainly have a higher price tag but they do offer a quantitative measurement that some providers require for their fleet.

Whether you require an aviation borescope that offers advance features or not our talented and professional staff is here to help.

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